Utorrent tracker updating stuck

Here are some of the common causes of a failing tracker: Torrents are deleted from trackers Some trackers, like have policies that require them to remove torrents from a tracker if they are older than a year.

This way they save server resources, because a lot of the older torrents are unseeded, but still indexed by some sites, which means that the tracker is bombarded with unnecessary requests.

So you could say that the DHT layer serves as a peer-to-peer tracker.Since then, I couldn't download anything on Bittorrent, as it got stuck at "Connecting to peers", even if it connected to the trackers, and saw all the seeds and leechers.Googling around I found a suggestion to remove "resume.dat" from the Bittorrent Application Data folder, but it didn't work for me.For example, a torrent from tracker A is called That relocation shouldn’t matter as long as the path that u Torrent is reporting is accessible by Sonarr, which it either isn’t or the folder doesn’t actually exist. ) This works as temporary solution, but I feel like Sonarr should be using the actual paths to the files listed in the file tab instead of the predicted path. PS: Had to update all my image links to imgur since apparently push has been banned. DD5.1 H.264-TB does not exist, as all the files within it have been internally referenced by u Torrent to the location: F:\My Documents\Torrents\seed\TV\Suits.

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