The origins of dating

Astronomy Picture of the Day gov/apod/Each day the Goddard Space Flight Center displays a different stunning image from space along with a brief caption by an astronomer.Check out a "brain crater" on Mars, the colorful clouds of Rho Ophiuchi interstellar cloud, and more.The site's articles and activities are especially geared towards teachers, students, and members of the general public looking for an online education in all things origins.Hubble Site At this Internet hub for the Hubble Space Telescope, check out the latest images from space or browse an extensive archive.And for centuries we've been asking ourselves, "How unusual is all this? Is our little planet Earth the only place where the action is? " Sometimes they're friendly and sometimes they're not.

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This work was performed for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, sponsored by the United States Government under Prime Contract #NAS7-1407 between the California Institute of Technology and NASA.Find out how Hubble works, read up on cutting-edge cosmological discoveries, and play interactive games.SETI Institute org The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence's Web site offers a wealth of information on the organization's projects and conferences and the SETI Radio network, which has been the basis of SETI's search for alien life since it was founded in 1984.Evolution org/wgbh/evolution This companion Web site to PBS' 2001 miniseries examines the complex topic of evolution from a variety of angles and considers the effect of the idea of evolution on human society and culture.Visitors may watch clips from the film and participate in an array of topical online activities.

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    We've been on swings and roundabouts, played hide-and-seek and You're-It! And then out they pop - the three most brutal words a divorced dad can ever hear: 'I want Mummy! My son's demand for his mother is the dark storm that always lurks on the horizon of our happy times together. I try to explain that Mummy has to work, or Mummy has to have a break or she will go insane! But I confess I do give in to his demands now and then because I don't want him to feel that visiting his dad is a form of punishment. In my defence, let me say that it seemed premature to try to discuss with a three-year-old what had happened between Mummy and Daddy.

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    The Federal Trade Commission encourages anyone involved in a relationship scam to also contact its Complaint Assistant, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center and your state Attorney General.