Sedating dogs nail clipping

Also my hubby has farming experience as he held lambs getting sheared etc when he was a kid. You don't mention shaving in small increments and not pulling, nor do you mention to shave in the direction the hair grows. I mentioned this in a separate comment, but you can get Acepromazine from a vet as a mild sedative.Not like my cat is a lamb but they too get furry knotted mats. sorry they didn't have black w/ cocoa hi lights This is not very good instruction. My cat is on 5 mg (at 8 1/2 lbs) and he's been pretty stoned but walking around all day. It's completely safe and easy to deliver - I just hold him, open his mouth and force the pill to the back of his throat and then let go, all as fast as you can and they swallow before they even know what's going on.I think she thinks it's like purring, so she doesn't mind.I could tell a couple of times when it was bothering her, but I was able to shave below her butt, where she has cleanliness issues.I am just going to shorten the length by a few inches. I've been trimming my crippled cat's bottom with scissors, but I imagine she would be much happier if her fur was a consistent length and who knows...maybe it will never grow back (bonus!He is so thick and long haired not to mention chubby he is unable to keep from matting or keep bottom cleaned well. ) While the rest of my comment is not really related to your instructable it did bring back a memory...Now the problem that I mentionned earlier about the cheap trimmer can be seen in the pictures.Basically the one I bought wasn't powerfull enough to trim the fur but since I had already started I didn't want to leave him hanging so I cut most of it with cisors (bad idea... I didn't pay enough attention and actually cut one of his nipples, he didn't cry or whine but he was bleeding a bit.

Turns out that he obviously didn't appreciate it but didn't struggle as much as I thought.

I once had a few sheep and the sheep shearer cut off a nipple.

She reached into her tool kit and dabbed it with super glue.

Altough my cat loves to go out on the balcony he stays indoors most of the time.

At first I wanted to bring him to a pet store and have "pros" do it.

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