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All are buried in the little churchyard at St-Rmy-sous-Barbuise alongside nine other Bomber Command airmen who were killed on the same operation.

Crashed, a few minutes after bombing, at the village of St-Remy- sous-Barbuise (Aube), 22 km N of Troyes.

They must have bombed the target but been caught as they turned to port and westwards to start the flight home.

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With No.626 Sqdn as UM-L2 Karlsruhe 24/25Apr44-Lost 626 Sqdn was formed at Wickenby from 12 Sqdn 'C' Flight 7Nov43. DV244 was one of three 626 Sqdn Lancasters lost on this operation.

During RAF Wickenby's short active service 1080 lives were lost from the base.

This sacrifice is commemorated by a memorial with the form of Icarus on an obelisk at the entrance to the airfield.

'A' Flight was originally 12 Squadron's 'C' Flight and 'B' Flight was made up from Lancasters arriving from factories and other units.

Its first operation was to bomb the Western entrance to the Montcenis tunnel in the French Alps on the 10th of November 1943."I don't want any grieving over me, for what better way can a man die, than fighting for the people and the things he loves." Edinburgh born F/O William David Wilson, a pilot of 626 Squadron, who died on the 21st of July 1944.

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