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Some media colleagues also had a bit of a run in when they went off the beaten path the other day.

A hasty retreat was required when they discovered someone was trying to block them in on a narrow road.

Still it has to be said the spiked steel fences that encircle the hotels, and even the shopping malls, suggest that some of the city’s critics might have a point. It can be clearly seen in the conditions in which a fair proportion of the city’s residents live.

But this is juxtaposed against what appears to be a quite impressive urban infrastructure.

Ara is working with Christchurch and regional councils, Canterbury District Health Board, Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu, and NZ Transport Agency on initiatives to help make using alternative transport easier for all of us.

On Wednesday 6 December from 5pm to 8pm, our ICT team will be carrying out maintenance work on the network.

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(I’d hazard that John Key might do this, but I can’t really picture the same with Tony Abbott).

Well, at Ara we have to be careful with our spending too.

This year we started our phase-in of increased car parking costs at the City Campus Christchurch.

Generally by the day of the leaders retreat we tend to be on a knife’s edge and just one problem away from a complete mental collapse.

There’s nothing quite so sad to see as a reporter on deadline whose internet connection has crashed for the 17 time. It has been one of the most pleasant Forum meetings I have ever attended.

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