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This is because the foot pedals required one to sit in a chair; something which is unusual for an Indian musician.

Also the only advantage of the foot model was that it freed both hands so that both melody and chords could be played.

Although these extra stops may control special functions, such as tremolo, it is not unusual to find a redundant stops with no special function.

This reflects the tendency of Indian musicians to simply open up all the stops, regardless of the function.

The main stops control the air flowing into the various reed chambers.

There are usually a minimum of one stop per reed chamber; however it is not unusual to find more than one per chamber.

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There are several collapsible styles; one is shown in the right hand illustration.The internal bellows act as a reservoir for the air.These bellows lay deep inside the instrument and are visible only by disassembling the instrument.There is an instrument which is very similar to the harmonium, but it has no keys.It therefore, is incapable of playing a melody and must merely play a drone. There are a number of parts of the harmonium, here are some of the main ones: Body - The body is the box that houses the various parts of the harmonium. One style is simply a box with everything in a fixed position (see above illustration).

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