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You can see it beginning to have an impact on the visual arts. Our communities can use new technologies to show off their identities to the rest of the world.

And when Africa is shown on the internet and shared with other people, it's important that people are aware of the need to put something back into the continent.

Everything is linked to the communities themselves.

She fled to Guinea as a refugee in the Seventies, which gave her the opportunity to record with West African musicians.

The work that she did at that time gave birth to different styles of music, and even now it is an inspiration to people such as me.

In his work, he aims for a creative, aesthetic "empowering" theatre practice drawing on masquerade and dance, the existing forms of performance of both peasant society and urban workers.

Through this technique, people address the inequalities in their lives and create exquisite dramas in open-air settings all over Africa.

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