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Nami tried her best to be quiet, but the teasing handjob made that almost impossible. Doing this outside, but in secret, made her so fucking horny.

Sighs and soft moans left her mouth as she enjoyed the sweet sensation given by the archeologist. "Okay, sure." Robin began stroking Nami's shaft fast and hard. " Nami cock jumped and twitched, desperately trying to relieve itself. " Robin moaned as she furiously stroked her own stiff member.

Not easy as in difficult, but very time consuming considering the vast amount of things needed cleaning after Luffy had been let loose amongst the food. "Just go back to sleep, you shitty rail-decoration." Sanji retorted. " Robin just laughed at their antics and continued her walk around the ship. Robin had waited a good, long week for its completion and now, finally, she could have some real fun with her little cat. " Robin stated, rubbing her hands all over Nami's growing bulge. But we should take it slowly, so we don't accidentally freak them out.

Robin smiled at the two and left them to their chores. Shortly after escaping the small brawl that had erupted on the lawn of their ship, she found Franky manning the helm. Just thinking about the possibilities, which had opened up before her, made her ache with anticipation. After a few moments of searching she finally found her resting on a chair outside of the observatory. It wasn't long before they found out about your new powers and our relationship." "You're right, Nami. Now, hands to the side and don't interfere." Robin smiled and slowly began unbuttoning Nami's jeans.

Robin increased her grip on Nami's hard cock and began rubbing all over her sensitive head.

The slickness of the pre-cum made it easy to twist and rotate her hand around the cock-head.

Her first instinct was to go and find Nami but knowing what that would lead to, she decided to check up on the others first. Brook and Sanji were the only two, together with Robin, that remained in the dining room once their meal was over. "DON'T BOTHER ROBIN WITH SUCH REDUNTANT QUESTIONS, YOU SHIT! "That would be wonderful." "I added something extra to it, so it should be far less conspicuous." Robin smiled and thanked him before heading off to find Nami. I've been looking for you." Robin grinned and walked over to her friend. " "I want you..." Robin replied, as she positioned her legs on either side of Nami and sat down on her thighs. " "It should be fine; they're all busy with other things.

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They had essentially become full-fledged hermaphrodites, and were now enjoying the benefits of both worlds.It felt so fucking good that she almost started drooling. Strings of hot, sticky semen shot out of her cock, sending it flying all over Nami. Robin rose slightly and slowly sat back down, squeezing the life out of Nami's rock hard member. " Luffy then suddenly reached out with his hand and scooped up some of the stuff with his finger and put it in his mouth. "I'm kind of happy that I'm not capable of recreating actual semen..." Robin stated, watching the cheerful captain leave. Their encounter with Luffy had aroused her to no ends. She blew her a kiss as she disappeared down the stairs, leaving the navigator to lie helplessly on her chair and edge. All my work is mainly published on Fanfiction and Wattpad, which there are direct links to in my profile.Her balls jumped up and down with her strokes, lightly tapping on Nami's desperate testicles. As Robin's balls were being emptied, Nami's own was forced to hold its load back and have it boil inside of her. Both Nami and Robin almost forgot to breathe as they witnessed what their captain just did. Robin nearly came right on the spot as she was still licking away at the cock in her pussy. Robin leaned over her groaning lover, took away the hands covering her mouth and kissed her. As soon as she got out, her ears got bombarded with cheers and merry laughter. She stopped and talked with the cyborg for a small while. If it wasn't about his inventions, he would display all sorts of new functions he had included into his body. She could feel her crotch burn with need as she tried to subdue the growing member inside of her dress. Nami placed her arms to the side of the chair and allowed Robin to grow a pair of hands to hold them in place.Usopp, Chopper and Luffy were having a blast trying to reel in a Saber-toothed Whale Shrimp. She took a deep breath as the front of her pants was forced open, freeing her nine-inch member from its tight prison.

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