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The final shape and scale of any investment has yet to be announced, and past Saudi-Russian economic cooperation has failed to materialize.The visit suggests the Saudi government is pursuing a more balanced approach to the U.Pro-Iranian militias are playing a key in the battle to degrade the Islamic State in Iraq.Iran also sent its forces to aid the Assad regime in Syria.The two states are now leading an initiative to cut world oil production in order to drive prices up, reversing a catastrophic slide in the price of crude that resulted from the North American shale oil boom.Russia is now the largest country outside of the oil producers’ cartel OPEC that is complying with the plan to curb production.These dynamics have come to define a new balance of power in the Middle East,” says Lina Khatib, the head of the Middle East and North Africa Program at Chatham House in London.“Arab states are now faced with the challenge of maintaining their relevance in the face of this change, and this means needing to keep lines of communication with Russia open.” One mystery about the King’s visit was why the kingdom’s other high-profile leader, his 32-year-old son and newly appointed Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, did not join him on the trip.

Saudi Arabia is expected to expand its oil ties with Russia during King Salman’s visit.

Kennedy’s interest in the arid lands of the Middle East began in the late 1960s, when he traveled through the region.

A decade later, he set up the Aerial Photographic Archive for Archaeology in the Middle East—an initiative to map the area that now has more than 140,000 aerial images.

Saudi Aramco, the giant state oil company, is expected to sign a series of agreements with Russian companies on energy initiatives.

Saudi Arabia is also considering investing largest oil drilling contractor, Eurasia Drilling Co, according to Bloomberg.

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