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Nowadays a “foodie” word is found in 79% profiles of dating websites whereas “prepare food” or “cook” shows 20% of engagement.As you see, it is easy to manage with your meal, but it is more difficult to cook.

Negative attitude is explained by the cheap products, various menu and quick services at fast food restaurants.

At least there are a few people who love to cook more than eat. Analyzing the food impact to incoming messages we cannot pass through the first date as well.

It is not recommended to speak about food more than about the interlocutor, thus you will have risk to lose the conversation line.

Then the categories come with the way of cooking: stewed, fried, grilled, boiled, and others. Good results of food mentioning in dating profiles Daters include protein as one of the most important part of healthy food in dating conversations as well.

Thus, stewed or grilled fish will attract more users to your profile instead of fried chicken or potato. Actually, this subject is the most disputable one today and food containing protein is very often mentioned.

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