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Education has basically been the family business since the 1850s!I am also the eldest of three kids and we grew up in Arizona.Read more During my adventures in the world, I realized that I needed to live abroad, before I had anything tying me to a place like a wife or a kid.Through work, I moved to an island nation in the Indian Ocean called Seychelles.

First I traveled around the US and started soaking up all of the amazing sites and meeting the friendly people we are surrounded by.Read more My brother, my sister and I grew up super close.I ended up playing soccer in college with my brother, getting a job working with my sister, and eventually we were in each others’ weddings.Then I went out into the big world on as many adventures as I could afford.I was lucky enough to visit Peru, Japan, Cambodia, Australia and would eventually travel to Tanzania, Kenya, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

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