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But he holds the record together through the continual intimation that he enjoys the search for freedom more than he might enjoy freedom itself.In the best tradition of outlaw mythology, he makes being on the run sound so damned a carefully composed, intricately designed personal statement that will make it impossible for anyone to classify Paul Mc Cartney as a mere stylist again.A lesser talent would have taken the escape concept and perhaps woven a simple story around it.The title song begins soberly, its narrator in jail, his music depressed.Both he and the album explode at the moment of his escape, the newfound exhilaration suggesting that there could have been no such pleasure without the preceding pain and that while Mc Cartney prefers the former to the latter, he has learned how to cope with both.

But there is no mistaking Mc Cartney's intention on "Let Me Roll It." A parody of and tribute to John Lennon's Plastic Ono style, he re-creates it with such precision, inspiration, enthusiasm and good humor that I am hard pressed to remember whether Lennon has recorded even a handful of songs that better it, Mc Cartney goes all the way: a perfect vocal imitation, duplication of the Lennon-Spector production style, use of Lennon's lead guitar punctuations and the simple arrangement (complete with tacky Farfisa organ).

A female gang-member belonging to the notorious street gang MS-13 told her murder victim she would 'see her in hell' as her grisly death was filmed, an FBI agent testified on Monday.

The disturbing account was given in a court in Virginia, where 17-year-old Jose Cerrato is on trial for orchestrating the murder of 15-year-old Damaris A. At least 10 members of MS-13 have been arrested since the gruesome murder of Rivas, including Venus Romero Iraheta, 17, who allegedly screamed at the victim as she was filmed stabbing her 13-times.

It is also about two people becoming what they want to be, trying to decide what they want to do, and asking to be accepted for what they are now rather than what they were then.

If the listener were to ignore the music and the skill with which Mc Cartney has developed his theme, the entire enterprise might seem banal.

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