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Coverage starts from the moment the vacuum leaves the factory and continues for the lifetime of the machine, no matter how many owners it may have.

So if your vacuum is down we’re with you until you’re back up and running and you’ll never see a bill for labor or support, unlike other brands that charge labor and service fee’s when the warranty is up.

If you’re looking for dust collection products, services or information, you’ve come to the right place.

At IAC we service all types and sizes of baghouses.

After your equipment has been installed we can continue to maintain it using our nationwide teams for annual services and emergency repairs.

On top of all that we offer replacement parts for all your equipment no matter the make.

At IAC we make finding the appropriate bags easy by carrying any brand and style.

We understand that many factors can affect the performance of a baghouse such as temperature, moisture, and chemicals in the gas stream.

This covers the cost of in-house labor and provides the owner with free phone or internet support for life.Other companies offer low quality products from overseas.IAC provides OEM parts at a discounted price, so our customers don’t have to worry about their equipment failing.However even the best built machine needs maintenance from time to time.Especially when subjected to the tough conditions in which many Pulse-Bac® vacuums are used.

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