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In 2015, a breach at Experian jeopardized the personal data on at least 15 million consumers.Speaking of Experian, the company is now taking advantage of public fear over the breach — via hashtag #equifaxbreach, for example — to sign people up for their cleverly-named “Credit Lock” subscription service (again, hat tip to @rayjwatson).

Bloomberg moved a story yesterday indicating that three top executives at Equifax sold millions of dollars worth of stock during the time between when the company says it discovered the breach and when it notified the public and investors.This site, mandated by Congress, gives consumers the right to one free credit report from each of the three major bureaus (Equifax, Trans Union and Experian) every year.Second, all consumers have a right to request that the bureaus “freeze” their credit files, which bars potential creditors or anyone else from viewing your credit history or credit file unless you thaw the freeze (temporarily or permanently).Shares of Equifax’s stock on the New York Stock Exchange [NSYE: EFX] were down more than 13 percent at time of publication versus yesterday’s price.The executives reportedly told Bloomberg they didn’t know about the breach when they sold their shares.

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