Casual dating seiten Ludwigshafen am Rhein

This was actually the beginning of the Euthanasia Programme.Here was also settled the central office of "Charitable Ambulance Transport Gmb H" (Gekrat), Grafeneck is a castle-like property in Grafeneck, a part of the municipality of Gomadingen in Baden-Württemberg.The first murdered patients were from the mental hospital Eglfing-Haar in Bavaria.

On the castle grounds was built a wooden hut with about 100 beds, a parking space for the gray buses, a crematory oven and a gasification shed.The French occupying forces returned the site in 1946/47 to the Samaritan Foundation or Samariterstiftung, who re-established it as a centre for disabled and mentally ill people which still operates to this day.In the fifties, the development of the cemetery began as a memorial.Moreover, staff was recruited from Stuttgart and Berlin: doctors, police officers, clerks, maintenance and transport personnel, economic and domestic staff, guards and funeral torch.Between October and December 1939, only 10 to 20 people were in the castle, there were already about 100 men and women during the year 1940.

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