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Since these had been undertaken in various phases dating back to the early 1990s, the number of banks that operate in the country had increased to 42, up from only three public-owned banks in 1992.

Insurance companies had increased from two in 1990s to 26 at present.

“Furthermore, the banking system has managed to keep enough liquidity to operate smoothly and cover its liabilities without recourse to the central bank.” “Our banking system has maintained reasonable profitability”, he pointed out.

He also announced that the Bank of Tanzania recently took steps to review the minimum capital requirements for commercial banks, raising it from Sh5 billion to Sh15 billion.

Juanjo completed his Telecommunication Engineering degree in 2010 at the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC, Barcelona).

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Do not contact with them whatsoever for any reason for at least two weeks.

And more importantly, you let them go before they can come back. Because it’s a basic of human nature; People always want what they can’t have! Plus they can see almost every day just how you’ve moved on with your life. Get a group of mutual friends together and ask him or her to join you with them casually. If you’ve tried the above and you are still getting no response, you may have to take somewhat drastic measures here. The reason this is so effective is because it reinforces that you are something they can’t have any more. In fact, nearly 80% of all communication is done through our body language. This is actually a common tactic hypnotist’s use during what is called conversational hypnosis.

This hand written letter is your subtle declaration that they no longer have you… So when they call you – as tempting as it is spill out your feelings – bite your tongue and decline the offer. that’s right, say ‘no thank you.’ You may have to actually practice this couple of times at home by yourself. This will only confirm that you have a busy, exciting life. They’ll be relieved that you remembered to call them. What you want to do during the date is to imitate or mirror your ex’s body language. This will show you are listening to your ex and that you’re in sync or in tune with one another.

All major financial indicators of the local banking sector had remained strong he said.

The banking system had remained adequately capitalised against any potential financial risk and the ratio of non-performing loans to total loans had remained within prudential limits.

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