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A wide range of legislation, regulations, policies and programs may also affect planning matters, and assist in implementing these interests.

The Provincial Policy Statement is issued under the authority of section 3 of the Planning Act and came into effect on April 30, 2014.

In respect of the exercise of any authority that affects a planning matter, section 3 of the Planning Act requires that decisions affecting planning matters “shall be consistent with” policy statements issued under the Act.

The provincial policy-led planning system recognizes and addresses the complex inter-relationships among environmental, economic and social factors in land use planning.

Print-friendly PDF Version For highlights of the new policies and an overview of the key changes, please visit the “Highlights of New Policies: Provincial Policy Statement, 2014” page.Guidance material and technical criteria may be issued from time to time to assist planning authorities and decision-makers with implementing the policies of the Provincial Policy Statement.Information, technical criteria and approaches outlined in guidance material are meant to support but not add to or detract from the policies of the Provincial Policy Statement.Policies are outcome-oriented, and some policies provide flexibility in their implementation provided that provincial interests are upheld.While the Provincial Policy Statement is to be read as a whole, not all policies will be applicable to every site, feature or area.

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