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In fact, on analysis, if a producer scored maximum points in the health index or carbon foot printing it is highly unlikely they would figure in the bottom 5%.Sadly several farmers in the exit pile have failed in terms of their farms tidiness and cleanliness and allegedly some dont even understand why their farms image is relevant to Tesco!So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.This month sees the launch of a humorous - but actually very serious industry-wide dairy promotion campaign in a joint effort from Dairy UK and AHDB which will involve posters, digital advertising and social media (mainly Facebook and Instagram).This group are foodie trendies and four out of five enjoy trying new things.It will be a challenge to get our message across with these so called millennials, but we have to start somewhere and now because with half of them supposedly attempting to reduce dairy product consumption if we do nothing this could rise to 60% in ten years time.

Proud of Dairy still is a great Dairy UK initiative (and NOT, as some think, an NFU initiative).It points out that a minority of vocal players, including animal welfare activists, vegan groups and non-dairy alternative brands are questioning the industrys credentials and that the consistent anti-dairy messaging from these groups has triggered doubts amongst some of our younger consumers to the point some believe even their most extreme comments are true.And the environment that dairy products operate in is becoming more hostile all the time, as anti-dairy groups turn up the heat.But please note, all of you serial committee people who hop from one Board to another (you know who you are! If all dairy farmers instantly thought the idea and visuals were great I would be very worried indeed. The forerunner to the campaign was a very comprehensive 195-page Dairy Market Development report in January of this year by Edelman Intelligence, who are described as tech geeks, political junkies, branding experts and media movers all rolled into one. Their advice was that any collaborative UK dairy campaign must be positive, simple, and loud, and must bring back customers, be visible to dairy farmers, create value for producers and processors, as well as support all dairy categories equally.I took time to read the weighty tome, and one line particularly caught my eye: If we want to change consumers behaviours, we need to change how we behave as a category.

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